Study leave

If you are contemplating a sabbatical or extended Study Leave (SL) contact in the first instance Canon Neville Emslie, Director of Mission and Ministry. An initial conversation will cover issues such as;

  • When a sabbatical can be taken and length of SL
  • Focus of sabbatical: can you summarise in one sentence the purpose of your intended SL?
  • How may it contribute to your ministry development? And to the ministry and mission of your ministry context?
  • Location: home or away, conferences and seminars
  • Re-creation, research, reading and resources
  • Parish or ministry cover
  • Supervision
  • Funding: expenses and budget
  • Pre-reading and preparation

Following discussion a draft proposal is drawn up by the minister and discussed further with the Director of Mission and Ministry. It is then sent to the bishop for approval. Once approved the Director of Mission and Ministry will help allocate funds and provide initial supervision.