Funds for CMD are drawn from a central Training Fund and primarily will be used to pay for training that is identified as a result of the Ministerial Development Review (MDR). Such training will depend on the need of the minister and might include:

  • Conferences
  • Retreat
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Post-graduate study

All ministers wishing to apply for CMD funding will need to complete the ‘Application for Continuing Ministerial Funding’ form in order for the training and payments to be authorised by Canon Neville Emslie, Director of Mission and Ministry. Ministers are requested to gain authorisation prior to the training event and will need to identify how the training links to their MDR.

In addition, the Licensed Ministries Framework arranges and delivers specific training days and seminars often involving guest speakers. These events are publicised in order for clergy to attend if they wish.

Records are kept of the training that each minister undertakes and for training that requires CMD funding a record of the cost is also kept.

If a ministry issue has emerged in your Ministerial Review or you are interested in going on a course, please complete the CMD application form and return it to:

Marianne Hambrook, MDO Administrator

Alternatively, to discuss Continuing Ministerial Development, contact: Canon Neville Emslie,  01227 459401