Growing Ministry Together

Growing Ministry Together is a conversation kit for PCCs, ministry teams or small groups who:

  • want to develop their own potential as disciples of Jesus Christ
  • want to work together imaginatively to develop people in their churches and wider communities for service
  • are seeking to be ‘good soil’ and a healthy vocational environment where God grows the gifts of the whole church into fruitful ministry
  • are wondering why it is so hard for people to volunteer themselves for the things that need to be done!


This conversation kit is a simple set of questions and resources. Each church community will use it differently and identify responses that enable them to be a healthier vocational environment through both affirmation and challenge. It will not provide quick fixes but potential conversation starters for the flourishing of church communities. 

Facilitating this conversation

The ‘growing ministry together’ overview offers ideas on how the questions might be addressed. Each group will have its own way of meeting - so do work with what makes sense for your context.

If the aim is to discern levels of health in your church as a vocational environment, some initial discussion might be helpful to unpack the phrase ‘vocational environment’ and some of its implications. Different ‘environments’ - such as school, church and community - might have different criteria as to what good vocational environment health might look like.

Make sure to ask if any of the action planning options – when you get to them – might help your church and why. Try to link to resources for the various options, eliciting learning from those with experience - especially how obstacles might be addressed.

If you are wondering whether an external facilitator might be best to help you in this conversation, please contact Sarah Lucas (01227 459401), who has access to a team of skilled facilitators who can help.

Download the full resource pack below. 






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