Development and Accompanying

Development & Accompanying (DnA) is about releasing all the ministry you can get your hands on. We work locally with churches through deaneries to facilitate change, offer training, coaching and networking opportunities. 

DnA Values

Listening so that:

  • people are valued
  • views are encouraged
  • we actively attend
  • issues are clarified
  • conversations become holy

Collaboration so that:

  • learning takes place together
  • partnerships are developed
  • discussion is beneficial
  • work is shared
  • practice is reflective

Seeking local solutions, so that:

  • work is contextual
  • responsibility for mission is owned
  • growth is encouraged
  • capacity is developed
  • skills are enhanced

Learning Opportunities for Ministry

Learning is essential for whatever ministry we are engaged in as disciples of Christ – whether as a church officer, an aspiring worship leader or a priest of many years standing.  Numerous courses and events are available throughout the year and publicised via The Briefing and on the Equipping for Ministry web pages. We particularly seek to equip those seeking equipping through the ALM scheme. Sitting alongside bespoke training and assisting churches to find materials and potential tutors, the following courses are offered every two years at a central diocesan location:

  • Pastoral Assistant Course
  • Worship Leading Course
  • Funeral and Bereavement Course

Contact Marianne to find out more. 

Facilitating Change

We can support you in vision days, PCC days, mission project coaching, ministry mentoring, accompanying and teamwork. If you have a desire to change direction and are looking for ways to discern God’s direction afresh in your church, team or even in your own leadership please contact Mission & Growth Adviser Steve Coneys (01227 459401). Whatever you're looking for to help change happen in your context, there are diocesan officers and a wider team on hand to help and guide you. 

Bespoke Training

What learning do you need to exercise a particular ministry where you are? We can help you:

  • opt in to courses the diocese sponsors at regular intervals
  • find materials so you can do the training locally
  • connect you with someone who can help you provide training locally

Deaneries or groups of churches banding together usually find they can tailor make training that suits their people and their local situation. Contact Marianne Hambrook (01227 459401) with your questions or requests and we will do our best to help.


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