Chrism Eucharist 2023

Holy Week 2023

Thursday 6 April 2023
Canterbury Cathedral

The Chrism Eucharist in the Cathedral is a joyful opportunity to renew our calling as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we journey through Lent, Europe is still experiencing ongoing war and there remains other places of conflict and wars around the world. As this continues, it may not always be at the top of the news headlines, but nevertheless we must continue to pray for peace. As with much in society, there is a quickness to create disunity and division and as Christians we need to remain united and pray for the unity of Christ.

Archbishop Justin will preside and Bishop Rose will preach at the Eucharist on Maundy Thursday (6 April) at 11am.

Bishop Norman will preside at the Eucharist on Tuesday 4 April at 12noon.

Practical arrangements for Clergy and Readers

Tuesday 4 April: Robing will take place in the Crypt – please be robed by 11.45am. 
Thursday 6 April: Robing will take place in the Chapter House – please be robed by 10.45am.


  • Assistant Bishops: alb, white mitre & white cope
  • Clergy: alb and white stole or cassock and surplice with white stole or scarf
  • Readers: alb or cassock and surplice with blue scarf

Oil distribution: Oils can be collected after the service from the Chapter House. You will not need to supply your own containers but please remember to return those issued to you last year.

We shall continue our well-established practice of offering soup and sandwiches in the Cathedral Lodge following each of the services but hope you will understand when I say that we can only cater for those who indicate that they would like to join us.

Please complete this form by Wednesday 29 March to inform us concerning your attendance at this year's Chrism Eucharists. 

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