Silke Tetzlaff

Rector of All Saints Staplehurst

silketetzlaffMy name probably needs a little clarification first. Silke -pronounced as if the S is a Z and the E is an A- is of Danish origin and reflects the fact that, historically, my home town looked across the Baltic to its Scandinavian neighbours for some influences. Tetzlaff-pronounced exactly as you would expect-betrays my Slavic ancestry. But don’t worry too much about pronunciation.

I was born on the northern coast of former East Germany in a town called Rostock. In Germany I qualified and practised as an Audiologist and Speech Therapist, then worked at a medical school and taught audiology for two years. Then my life took a change in direction when I began my theology studies at Humboldt University in Berlin with the intention of becoming a Lutheran Pastor .

When coming to England to learn English it soon became very clear that to continue my theology studies in London would be a way of getting to know England and its culture and a way of satisfying my growing fascination with its religious landscape. So, I came to study at King’s College London. Three years later, I left Kings, not just as a graduate, but also as an Anglican and later as a Priest. During the two years leading up to theological college (Westcott House) I experienced various Anglican parishes where I worked as Parish Worker. I was ordained in St.Albans Cathedral and did a four year Curacy at St. Luke’s Church in Luton, Leagrave before I came to Weston in Hertfordshire almost 7 years ago and had four more parishes added after I had settled in.

So here I am, newly appointed as Rector of Staplehurst.

Silke Tetzlaff, November 2011