Reverend Fiona Haskett – Vicar of the Headcorn and Suttons

My husband Graham and I are really looking forward being part the community of Headcorn and the Suttons.

Graham is a retired I.T. teacher and we have four adult children, Lucy, Edward, Alex and Beth plus a very scruffy oversized miniature schnauzer dog called Hector. Both Graham and I grew up in the Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells area and we still have a house there where our two sons are currently living. Our elderly parents are also in the area and it will be a great relief for us all to be able make regular visits to see them and help with any tasks they may need doing (I was previously a Vicar in Lichfield Diocese).

We are both very keen amateur photographers and can often be seen clutching our camera bags. In addition I love collecting bits of useless trivia and am a keen quiz setter and goer – so if anyone is looking for someone to make up a team please count me in. We also enjoy listening to all types of music and I am attempting to learn to play the saxophone (not very successfully).

I am also a great believer in the fact that the Vicar is a servant to the whole community and I would like the community to feel that I am here for everyone– unconditionally and regardless of the strength of their links with the church.

Two final points that I have shared with my new community – if you see me in the street please don’t be afraid to stop for a chat, and if you see me in the pub – mine’s a pint!