Ravi Holy

raviholyPlease allow me to introduce myself (which, as some of you will realise, is a sly reference to my ‘sinister’ rock ‘n’ roll past which you may have read about!) My name is Ravi Holy and has been since about 1991 when I was a) the lead singer of a band called God’s Government and b) a student at a Pentecostal Bible College in London. My original surname was Maharishi which means Great Holy Man in Hindi (my father is Indian; my mother, English).

I had been thinking about ordained ministry (albeit in another denomination) for a long time before my selection conference in 2002. I trained at Trinity College, Bristol – which was fantastic – and did a four and a half year curacy at St Luke’s in Battersea/Clapham which was even better. So, as well as being of dual heritage in terms of my ethnicity, I have dual citizenship in terms of church traditions and this was one of the reasons why I was drawn to the United Wye benefice which contains people from all along the theological and ecclesiological spectrum.

I am married to Nikki who is working at the local school that our twins (Arun & Tallulah, aged 7) attend and we have all settled in very quickly. Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive and a particular advantage of being in Canterbury diocese is that one of my best friends from theological college is in the parish next door: John Mackenzie, vicar of Willesborough.

I am extremely pleased to be here and very excited about what the future holds and I look forward to meeting lots of you soon.