#MondayMeet – Ronni Lamont, Faith and Nurture Adviser

ronnilamontThose of you who attended the March 2015 Synod will remember a great day of ‘pecha kucha’ style talks, workshops and conversations, all based around the idea of ‘Whole Church’ (www.wholechurch.org.uk): the concept that we are all fellow pilgrims, regardless of age. My post is a three year project to try and enable mutual working between churches, schools and households, with the focus on spiritual formation, ministering with children and young people on our pilgrimage of faith, based on the Whole Church model. Phew.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? So I’m in post, and looking for churches and schools that would like to think carefully about how they work together to enable children and young people to flourish, and be able to share their mutual insights of faith.

What would this look like? It will be different in every place, but we’re wondering about gardening together, using different ways of praying together, doing things together that up until now you may have done apart. Ask me to come and work with you and we can discover what this might look like where you are.

I’m a priest and married to Gordon. We have two grown up children, and live in that hub of the empire otherwise known as Sittingbourne.

I was previously freelance as a writer and facilitator, specialising in children’s spirituality and am enjoying getting to know lots of people who I worked with previously who are now colleagues at Diocesan House.