#Monday Meet – Peter Ingrams, Local Ministries and Growth Adviser

peteringramsWhat really excites me is shaping opportunities for people to flourish. This is the thread that runs through working with an amazing array of energetic, generous and gifted people and keeps me sane, at least most of the time. You will have to ask the teams I work with- as listed below.

The Developing and Accompaniment Team (DnA) supports churches with training courses, like ALM, MSM, etc, bespoke training for things like churchwardens, pastoral care or conflict resolution, change facilitation for PCC visioning, team building, and networking for Parish Administrators, churchwardens, etc. We are privileged to work alongside numerous professionals who give generously of their time and expertise. We share together in the realities of churches feeling both the effects of steady ongoing decline, and at the same time, surging bursts of growth and fruitfulness. We see so much potential for growth and know there are no simple solutions. Engaging in more open and honest conversations about how we discern God’s guidance in building healthy church communities is what excites us.

The Discipleship and Spirituality Resource Group (DSRG) sprang out of the year of discipleship and provides resources to support churches in deepening their relationships with God and one another. Working to themes that link together our diocesan life we put together Lent and Nine Days of Prayer/Novena materials, the recent Spirituality Festival, the Spiritual Accompaniers Network, the Deepening Discipleship course, the intentional Discipleship (iD) groups and encourage initiatives to help growth and exploration in prayer.

Working with several deaneries and their leadership teams has recast much of the work I do with the Local Church Development (LCD) Framework. Developing ‘accompanying’ relationships with deaneries and supporting and facilitating according to deanery priorities has significantly focussed the way we work together. Alongside Kerry Thorpe and other deanery accompaniers in the Diocesan House team we are seeing an even greater connectedness, particularly through Mission Action Planning helping us be more intentional about what leads to growth.

With the teams I work with the central questions we address are how to be agents of change and enable healthy and transformative Christian communities. What keeps me going is the relationships of love and challenge with colleagues on the LCD team, in Diocesan House and within the local churches. At the weekends when not at events or playing ministry scrabble with congregations on Sundays, I worship at St Martins, Canterbury, do endless DIY, saw firewood from Pluckley Wood and Skype with 2 out of three children who live abroad! Do drop in and have a coffee at Diocesan house!