#MondayMeet – Nick Morgan, Schools Officer (Governance, Admissions, Policy & Services)

IMG_7068My name is Nick Morgan, and I’m a contender for the award of longest job title in the Diocese. As a Schools Officer for Governance, Admissions, Policy and Services, I help the schools and academies with a number of vital but often hidden functions.

The majority of my role involves supporting the unsung heroes of our education system. Governors come from all walks of life and with a variety of skills and expertise. All Governors have three functions of setting a strategy and vision, holding the school/academy to account and making sure its money is spent in a way that supports the development of its pupils. For those supported by the diocese, there is an additional function, and that is developing and supporting the distinctive values and ethos upon which our schools were originally founded. Historically, our schools were created as an extension of the church in order to provide our communities with access to an education underpinned by distinctly Christian values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Although our communities have developed, this key relationship between church and school still exists. Governing bodies are vital to supporting and developing these values and making sure that they play a part in the day to day life of the school.

The link our schools and academies have with their communities is most evident when we consider their admissions policies. Many have the freedom to create their admissions policies and oversubscription criteria, and part of my work is to support governing bodies with the development of these policies. A key part of that is to ensure that governors recognise their historic purpose and support the community that their school or academy serves.

My main involvement in policy and services has been with Aquila our Multi Academy Trust. As a new initiative for the Board of Education, it’s been exciting developing how the Trust processes and policies could and should work at the very early stages. The Trust offers us an amazing opportunity to work closer with our schools and support them in their development in ways we hadn’t been able to previously. It also allows those who are part of Aquila to work closer together for the benefit of children over a much wider area.

Outside work I play golf (badly), go fishing and have a season ticket at the only MUFC that matters, the mighty Maidstone United. I live with my wonderful wife and our family: Charlie and Lola the house rabbits, Mia the cat, Pepe the hamster and Stanley the three legged hedgehog to whom we are guardian.

I’ve been here a year in April and am thoroughly enjoying being part of the family at Diocesan House. The work of the leaders, staff and governors in our schools and academies is phenomenal. Knowing that the small part I play in supporting them can help make such a difference to the lives of the young people in their care makes my job incredibly rewarding.