#MondayMeet – neville emslie, ministry development officer


it is said that that one looks out at life according to the age at which you were the most happy;
that would be twenty-eight; i am astonished to look in the mirror and find an old bugger
looking back at me, and i end up saying to this imposterous old body, who
the hell are you, and what have you done to the young man who
has wonderful ideas and so much to do and say and plan?
of course this old man of fifty plenty says you
have done lots in your life, born a
methodist, raised a
sunday school and
bible class and boys brigade and
youth group, all of which gave me an interest
in the bible, but my younger years were concerned with
sport, after all i am a new zealander quite confident that by the end
of two thousand and fifteen the country of my birth will have won two world
cups in the glorious games of rugby and cricket, and so i played both and still think i can
bowl at one hundred and fifty kilometres an hour as of old; however married at twenty and children
at twenty two and twenty five and twenty eight and an early career as an average scientist
making industrial paint led to training as a baptist minister around the year of twenty
eight, doing much better at theology, teaching new testament and greek, with
great interest in poetry and the visual arts, and two churches, a stint as a
presbyterian college principal, then sabbatical in england led to
eventual employment in the lincoln diocese
training priests and readers before
becoming ministry