#MondayMeet – Marilyn Shrimpton, I.T. and Communications Assistant

marilynshrimptonAfter finishing A Levels I went straight into work. I’ve been at Diocesan House for six years, originally as Office Assistant. I have worked in the I.T. and Communications departments for four years.

On Saturday I helped out at Diocesan Synod. This included publishing to the website, tweeting, instagramming, making sure the right speakers were mic-ed up at the right time and being in the firing line whilst filming paper aeroplanes being thrown at the stage!

One half of our I.T. department, I have a rather varied job day-to-day as well. I am the web master, social media ‘mogul’, I keep the database up-to-date, send out e-mailings, proof Outlook magazine, write the Calendar of Intercessions, send out appointment notices, film and edit videos and help colleagues out with general I.T. queries. Yes, I even say ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?’ And of course anything else Emily (Director of Communications) or Mark (I.T. Manager) throw at me!

Newly married, decorating my new home and training for a 5k charity run are taking up a lot of my time at the moment. However, I still enjoy doing all sorts of craft and being part of the Diocesan House craft group. I’m also learning to cook and bake – particularly helped by Kenny Wood, my amazing mixer/chopper, lovingly bought by my husband as a birthday gift. I bet he gets far more cake than he expected!

Photo by Lorna-Elizabeth Photography