#MondayMeet – Louise Mills, PA to the Archdeacon of Ashford

I am Louise Mills and I am the PA to Archdeacon Philip Down. It is my responsibility to provide secretarial and administrative support to Philip and I am based at the Ashford Archdeaconry in Charing. I have been in this post for 12 years and, as the dynamics within the Ashford Archdeaconry change from day to day, my role is busy and varied.

I am responsible for co-ordinating the appointment process from the announcement of the vacancy to the licensing service in conjunction with the parishes and the bishop’s office. There has been considerable pastoral re-organisation over the past few years and a significant part of my role is to manage the diary to facilitate the consultation process for the re-organisation.

Much of my time is spent responding to the many enquiries received from parishes and churchwardens each day. These will include faculty applications for church repairs, parish issues from private, pastoral matters and churchwarden training events to name but a few. My role involves communicating with all the departments to respond to the requests for information from Property Services regarding property matters for incoming new clergy to the Registry seeking advice for legal solutions.

I produce the Visitation News each year to provide churchwardens with information about each department and highlight upcoming training and social events. I participate at training events to meet the churchwardens and arrange the Archdeacons’ Visitations for the annual admission of churchwardens.

Much of my time is spent juggling Philip’s hectic diary as he shares his time both here at Charing and in Canterbury attending regular meetings in Diocesan House, Cathedral Chapter meetings and taking Sunday services.

It is great to be part of such fantastic, supportive team and I enjoy the challenge of continual change as never two days are the same.