#‎MondayMeet‬ – Holly Adams, Local Church Development Training and Events Organiser

hollyadamsBroker, verb; to arrange something such as a deal, agreement, etc. between two or more groups.

Having been in the position of Training and Events Coordinator for Local Church Development now for three months I believe I’m the most recent addition to the lovely staff here at Diocesan House and after a pretty steep learning curve I think I’ve now settled into the rhythms of the role.

I think this word, ‘broker’, is the best way of describing what I do here. The work I do derives mainly from the vision of the DnA team – or the Development ‘n’ Accompanying team, to give it its full name. DnA is a team of both diocesan staff, clergy and lay people and it seeks to listen to the contextual ‘hungers’ of the parishes and deaneries of the Canterbury Diocese and help find appropriate resources to equip them for their journey with God. This is where the brokering comes in. We offer a variety of training courses and networking events designed to try and support deaneries and parishes as they seek to release more ministry, work more collaboratively, grow their churches and deepen their lives as disciples. Some of those courses you might recognise, such as Deepening Discipleship, or the Authorised Lay Ministry courses, or parish officer events; some of them you might not know about, such as the bespoke training we offer. This bespoke training can take any shape, but has previously been things such as intercessions guidance, varieties of prayer sessions, or bereavement training. It is my job, alongside my unfailingly hard-working colleagues in LCD, to broker those courses and events: to consider with local church leaders what their churches might want or need, to discuss with our tutors to see who might be available to run a course, to promote the event with all kinds of people, and then offer support as the event or course takes place. Although my work is largely administrative, it is really all about building relationships and listening to people and their needs; it is founded in values which are local and collaborative and it offers to accompany and support people as they serve Christ, and this is what I love about my role.

I hope that as I continue this work I can reach out to more and more people and begin conversations about what we can do for them. If you are interested in hosting a course locally, or would like to talk more with me about your own local needs, or would simply like to know more about what we offer, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with me either on 01227 459401 or by emailing hadams@diocant.org.