#MondayMeet – Charlotte McCaulay, Reception and Hospitality Officer

IMG_7092_editI’m Charlotte McCaulay and I’m the reception and hospitality officer for Diocesan House. If you were to come in to Diocesan House at just about any time of day, you’d find me sitting behind reception, probably clutching a cup of coffee, and waiting to greet you with a smile.
I answer most of the incoming calls to the diocese and, as well as transferring callers to their requested person, I will do my best to ensure that anyone ‘phoning with a query gets to speak to the relevant person.
I also co-ordinate the meeting rooms at Diocesan House; taking bookings, arranging catering and on one memorable occasion organising an afternoon tea to welcome Archbishop Justin to the Diocese. I’m also the person at Diocesan House responsible for staff functions; leaving parties, retirement lunches, the annual summer BBQ and of course the staff Christmas lunch which we have each year at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge.
I am supported in this work by a small team consisting of other staff members and volunteers, who provide reception cover at various times.
I hope that all those visiting Diocesan House, wither they be bishops, priests, members of the diocese or lost tourists, are met either by myself or a member of the reception team with a warmth and hospitality which demonstrates Christian love and hospitality.
Please do contact myself or a member of the reception team with any Diocesan related queries you may have. While we may not be able to help in person, we will do our best to put you in touch with someone who can. reception@diocant.org