Katy Carter

St Paul, Maidstone

katycarterKaty, a teaching assistant at a Church of England infant school in Maidstone, would never have considered Reader Ministry if her incumbent had not suggested it. Katy explains: “My initial reaction can only be described as utter disbelief. One of my first reactions was to compare myself unfavourably with our existing Reader in the parish, who I saw as a very jolly lady and a born extrovert. Not at all like me! I therefore stubbornly insisted that God could not possibly be calling me to this role.”

The idea ‘wouldn’t go away’ and Katy, who was a PCC treasurer, member of the Ministry Leadership Team, and Sunday school leader at the time, came to accept the idea through prayer and with the prayerful support and encouragement of others: “I began to accept that I had to take a risk and say ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’. There have been many changes within my parish church during the time I have been in training but despite this, the support and encouragement I have received from the church family has remained steadfast.”

Returning to study after a break of thirty years was a challenge for Katy, but one she rose to: “every time we started a new module I would look at the essay titles and the deadlines and think to myself ‘I can’t possibly manage to do this’! In time though, I began to accept that if God really was calling me to this ministry then he would help me to meet the challenges of the course. And that’s what he has done, through the encouragement, support and guidance of so many who have been part of my journey over the past three years.”

Katy, a keen walker and classical music enthusiast, is looking forward to her new role as Reader: “As I continue on my journey of faith I look forward to sharing that journey with others in the teaching and preaching role of a Reader and perhaps helping others to recognise God’s call on their lives.”

Katy lives in Maidstone with her husband. They have two grown up children.