Jim Rosenthal

jimrosenthalJim Rosenthal was welcomed in January by Bishop Trevor, as the House for Priest for St Nicholas at Wade and Chislet in the Wantsum Group. He comes “back” to the diocese with many memories and hopes:

He says, “I spent seven great years in Canterbury while I was director of communications for the Anglican Episcopal family of churches, editing Anglican World magazine and the Anglican Communion News Service.. It was privilege to be the Reader at the cathedral and to visit some 50 plus churches in the diocese, usually with Lord Carey and even for one year with Archbishop Rowan. My greatest joy is that for 12 years I have donned the vestments of the true and only Father Christmas and Santa Claus, to the delight of thousands who, thanks to Dean Willis and the Choristers, enter the cathedral for a great celebration, with His Grace leading the way.

“After visiting some 60 countries and many dioceses in the Anglican Communion, and coming from Chicago and London, I find myself, happily and gratefully, placed in St Nicholas at Wade, one of the most stunning medieval churches in the world named for St Nick and one that has huge windows growth and Christian service. I also tend the flock at Chislet’s Church of St Mary the Virgin where the setting and challenges are very different, but that I am confident can be a true beacon of Christian hope and faith in rural Kent.

“I look forward to sharing with others, lay and clergy, in the diocese, My most recent work was in London at St Marylebone Church and I lived at All Saints Margaret Steet. I am honorary canon of 3 Anglican cathedrals. My tradition is modern catholic. Come visit!”