Alex Finlow

St John the Baptist, Folkestone

alexfinlowAlex, an accountant from Folkestone, was first introduced to the wonder of Scripture by his headmaster and RE teacher. Alex developed his understanding of Scripture over many years, supported by colleagues at work (Mission Aviation Fellowship) and through church. Alex believes his accountant’s brain has helped him read the Bible in a particular way:

“I discovered that accountants, somewhat uniquely, tend to have an overview of an organisation; to see how all the parts fit together. Without knowing it, this is how I had been reading my Bible too. From the earliest days, I had always wanted to see how the fall of humanity in Genesis would be addressed by Jesus death on the cross, or how the Passover meal was reinterpreted by the Last Supper; how God’s command to Abram to walk before me and be blameless (Gen 17:1) translates into love your neighbour as yourself (Luke 10:27). Not everyone automatically reads their Bible in this way, and it can be very exciting to share this viewpoint and help others make the same connections.”

Alex was ‘gradually drawn in’ to helping lead services (as well as being Treasurer, Warden and PCC member). Alex explains: “I was thrilled when it was suggested that I advance my studies and involvement in public ministry by becoming a Reader, which the PCC endorsed and my friends encouraged.”

As an accountant, Alex was used to formal study and found the course stimulating: “Studying is an unavoidable part of every accountant’s life, although more often than not, the latest Taxes Act or Charities Act can be quite dry and unexciting. What a contrast than when studying the living word of God. How can things written so long ago by a multitude of people in differing circumstances be so relevant today? Again, not everyone enjoys studying, or thinks that it can be fun. What a blessing then, to be able to use something that comes naturally, to help others where they might struggle; to open up to them the richness and wonder of God’s love.”

Alex who is married to Pat (who is currently a Phd student), is looking forward to his role as Reader and challenges others to consider their own ministry: “How has God been speaking to you, or how could he use your gifts in His kingdom?”