(Media call) Comedy for clergy – vicars to learn from stand-up comedian

Date: Thursday 6 November, 11am – 4pm.

Venue: The Upper Room, St Mary Bredin Church, Canterbury


On Thursday 6 November, clergy from Canterbury Diocese will learn how to use comedy in their sermons, at a seminar featuring stand-up comedian, Bentley Browning.

Twenty seven vicars are due to participate in the one day workshop, offered as part of the clergy’s continuing ministerial development programme.

Bentley Browning, the son of a retired priest is a stand-up comedian who also runs ‘taster’ sessions for would be comedians at the Festival Hall in London. During the workshop on Thursday Bentley will help clergy ‘find their funny bone’ along with offering ’12 ways to be funnier’ and ‘how to make jokes using the techniques professionals use.’

Vicar of Wye, Revd Ravi Holy, took part in a similar workshop held in London earlier this year: “I’ve been acting as a sort stand-up comedian since I got ordained ten years ago, because I stand up every week in front of around one hundred people and I have to talk for ten minutes and I try to make people laugh. The workshop gave me confidence to weave more funny stories into my sermons.”


Further information from:

Emily Shepherd, Director of Communications, Canterbury Diocese 01227 459 401, 07876 210 446, eshepherd@diocant.org

Details about the workshop.