Lectures to celebrate Reformation legacy

Five talks to commemorate the origins of the Reformation will take place this Autumn.

In October 1517 Martin Luther famously nailed his 95 theses to the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg. Historians have questioned whether this dramatic event occurred in quite this way, but however they were made, Luther’s protestations against what he regarded as the corrupting influences of Roman Catholicism (especially the trade in indulgences) were the sparks that fired up the Protestant Reformation. Spreading throughout much of Europe, it changed the face of religious belief and practice for millions of Christians in ways that have proved to be both beneficial and divisive.

These talks will focus on five central themes of the Reformation that were the subject of intense and passionate debate: Jesus, the Bible, Justification by Faith, God, and Creeds. The series of lectures will take place at St Peter’s Methodist Church in Canterbury, each beginning at 7:45pm:

Wednesday 27 September – The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, President of OXTRAD and former Bishop of Rochester
Jesus: How can we understand that he is the saviour of the world?

Wednesday 4 October – Ms Veronica Zundel, Non-fictional writer, poet and devotional writer
The Bible: Can it still be read as the unique truth about God?

Wednesday 11 October – Fr Tom Herbst OFM, Writer and theologian
Justification by faith: What might it mean today?

Wednesday 18 October – The Rev the Lord Griffiths, Superintendent Minister, Wesley’s Chapel, London
God: Has he changed in the 500 years since Luther?

Wednesday 25 October – Professor Frances Young, Emeritus Professor of Theology, Birmingham University
Creeds: Is it still possible to say them without denying one’s intellect?

To cover the cost of mounting these five lectures, a donation of £3 is invited from those attending each talk. At the first talk on 27 September, ‘season tickets’ for all five lectures will be available for £12 each. The donations will cover the speakers’ expenses, publicity, and the heating and lighting of St Peter’s Church. Any money left over after these costs have been met will be donated to a charity agreed between the Diocese of Canterbury and the Canterbury and East Kent Methodist Circuit.

For more information, email Harvey Richardson.