Knitted banners reclaim text talk for church

Two five foot knitted banners, portraying the abbreviations OMG (oh my God) and JC (Jesus Christ) exhibited in a church in Lydd, Kent, have been described as ‘reclaiming’ text talk to the rightful setting of church.

Artist Lorna Hamilton-Brown, who knitted the banners in wool from the Romney Marsh, commented: “The abbreviation ‘OMG’ and to a lesser extent ‘JC’ are used to express surprise, embarrassment, excitement or disgust on social media and when texting. Their use has become so ubiquitous that it’s practically meaningless. My work explores if displaying these terms in the context of a church changes people’s perceptions of the phrases.”

Hanging in All Saints Lydd, the works are inspired by the stained glass windows designed in the 1950s by Leonard Walker, which include the words ‘to the Glory of God’.

Rector of All Saints, Revd Sarah Williams said: “In morning and evening prayer we use the words ‘oh my God’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ daily and I am delighted that these stunning works reclaim these words to the rightful context of church.”

The banners form part of ‘Art in Romney Marsh’, a visual art exhibition taking place in churches across the region during four weekends in September and October.


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Emily Shepherd, Director of Communications, Canterbury Diocese 01227 459 401, 07876 210 446,


  • Banners in All Saints Lydd
  • OMG Banner close up
  • JC Banner close up

Art in Romney Marsh: