Kent God’s Acre Project

The Kent God’s Acre Project was launched in 2010. It is part of the national God’s Acre Project, which recognises churchyards and cemeteries as significant areas for flora, fauna and social history and seeks to provide advice and guidance for their management.

The Kent project provides advice, training, tools and support for churches to encourage wildlife diversity in their churchyards. It is headed up by the Dioceses of Canterbury and Rochester, but operates with the help of other partner organisations across the county which include:

  • Kent Bat Group
  • Kent Mammal Group
  • Kent Reptile and Amphibian Group
  • The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)
  • Kent Heritage Trees Project, and
  • The British Lichen Society.

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The project held its first awards ceremony in 2011, with the aim of giving recognition to examples of excellent churchyard and cemetery management.

In addition to the awards, the Kent God’s Acre Project has developed a Churchyard Mark scheme.

It has three levels, which encourages communities to look at various aspects of churchyard management.