Kent Conversations

We have partnered with BBC Radio Kent to launch Kent Conversations – part of BBC Radio 4’s Listening Project. The Listening Project invites people across the UK to share an intimate conversation on faith, life, work and relationships, some of which are broadcast by the BBC and curated and archived by The British Library. This will build a unique picture of our lives today and preserve it for future generations. If there’s a conversation you want to hear or take part in, please email us to get involved. More information can be found in the Spring 2016 issue of Outlook magazine on page 5.


January 2017: exploring a world of faith

Rebecca Swansbury and Lis Webb are Diocesan Specialist Teachers (DSTs), which means that they work alongside the Children, Schools and Young People team, to offer specific expertise and training in Religious Education. They talk about church schools and preparing the younger generation for life in a multicultural world.

November 2016: Life in a Vicar School

Alan Gregory, Principal of St Augustine’s College of Theology, in conversation with Rev Paulette Stubbings, former student and current curate, about what it’s like to run and learn at a ‘school for vicars’.

October 2016: Homelessness

We listen in to the conversation of Richard Barnard – Porchlight’s Jobs, Education and Training manager, and Aaron, a former resident with Porchlight who has recently moved into his own accommodation after having been in one of their hostels for a year and a half.

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My scariest governance moment…

It’s a special for Education Sunday (11 Sept) and features Sinead Coveney and Richard Webster talking about the role of school governors and their scariest governance moments.

August 2016: Refugees and Indefinite Detention

Keith Berry, Development Worker for Together Canterbury, recently joined the Refugee Tales Walk from Canterbury to Westminster. The walk allowed those taking part to share time with former immigration detainees, and hear more about their call for a 28 day limit to detention. Keith chatted to ‘David’ – a refugee who was trafficked illegally into the UK eleven years ago and spent three years in detention.

May 2016: Reverend Paul Kite and Paul Wintle

Our second conversation is between Reverend Paul Kite, who takes a lot of funerals and runs a bereavement group, and Paul Wintle, a school chaplain who is also training to be a bereavement counsellor.  The topic is death and dying.  The conversations ranges from ‘what should you wear to a funeral?’, to is ‘anything off-limits?’ and the more poignant question of how we include children in the grieving process.

Bereavement resources.

April 2016 – Bishops Trevor and James

In the first of our monthly Kent Conversations, Bishop Trevor and Bishop James talk with one another about how they ended up as Bishops and what challenges joys they experience in their ministry.