How we do an Ignite evening

Essentially, an Ignite evening is a game of two halves. The first half is what we call the ‘meet and greet’. And the second half is known as the ‘main event’.

The ‘meet and greet’ does what it says on the tin… As people come through the doors, we welcome, and chat with them for anywhere between 30 mins to an hour, building intentional relationships and friendships with them. During this time, food is always served, whether it’s cakes, donuts, hotdogs, or a main meal.

Also, everybody is given a name label as they come in, so that everyone can be addressed by their name. We do this because someone knowing your name is incredibly powerful and affirming, especially if you are coming from a marginalised or deprived context and feel like you have no place in society. Isaiah 43:1 reminds us that ‘God has called us by name and that we are his!’

The second half of Ignite is what we call the ‘main event’, which lasts around 45 mins to an hour.

It has something of the BBC’s ‘One Show’ feel about it… because it is full of short, varied, interactive segments. We’ve done it this way, because many people coming to Ignite have short attention spans, or are not well educated and so short interactive, multi-media segments helps to keep their attention and enthusiasm..

Each week’s main event always has a Christian theme, which might be subtle or very obvious. Thus, each event touches on our relationship with God, through Jesus.

However, mixed into all of that is a very large and eclectic selection of other subjects that we might be wanting to teach on, such as lifestyle choices, anger management, forgiveness, how to live more ethically, or even how to live and shop within a budget! But a Christian theme always permeates all that we do. Prayer is always available at the end of the evening.

We might use video clips, table discussions, quizzes, short talks, craft activities, drama, and prayer responses. Occasionally, we might share Communion. Very regularly, we just hang out socially with each other for the whole evening.

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