Home or away

Join in our Day of Prayer and Pilgrimage wherever you are…

You can join in our Day of Prayer and Pilgrimage wherever you are… on your own or with friends and family. Here are some resources you might like to lead you into prayer:

From 4.30pm on Friday there will be four films below so you can watch, listen and join us as we travel around the cathedral, drawing inspiration and coming together in prayer at:

  1. Canterbury Cathedral with The Revd Sandra Marsh
  2. The Font with Barbara Wallace
  3. Compass Rose with Rebecca Swansbury
  4. Chapter House with The Revd Canon Peter Ingrams

There is a focused hour of prayer 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm on Saturday 8th June – join your prayers to those across our diocese during that hour as we pray for renewal in mission to those in our communities and beyond. May we always seek God’s direction, listen to his voice and share his love with all those we are called to love and serve each day. Amen.

Let us know what you are getting up to on the day by filling in the form below:

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