QR Codes on Headstones – direction from the Commissary General

The Diocese of Canterbury
Ian Dodd, DAC Secretary
Tel: 01227 459401

Dear all,

You may have seen in the press recently that some people have requested that QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) be introduced on headstones, which would allow Smartphone users to link to a website to access further information about the deceased. Following this press coverage, the matter was discussed by the Ecclesiastical Judges Association.

The Diocesan Registrar has asked me to pass this message on to you as a matter of urgency.

At the EJA AGM last night it was agreed that Diocesan Registrars should notify all incumbents (and presumably monumental masons in the area) that no headstones, to which a QR [Quick Response] code has been attached, to access a virtual memorial of the deceased’s life, should be installed on memorials without an application for a faculty being made. Concern was raised about controlling the content of material that would become accessible. The Dean of the Arches has asked that this be communicated widely as a matter of urgency.

If you receive a CR1 form which includes a request for a QR code, you will therefore not be able to sign the form, and instead, you should advise the family to contact the Diocesan Registry to request the appropriate form to petition for faculty.

Kind regards,

Ian Dodd,
DAC Secretary

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