Facilitation preparation notes

  • The ‘growing ministry together’ overview offers ideas on how the questions might be addressed. Each group will have its own way of meeting, e.g. PCC, Ministry Team, small group, so take into account the discussion mode you want to use in those situations.
  • If the aim is to discern levels of health in your church as a vocational environment, some initial discussion might be helpful to unpack the phrase ‘vocational environment’ and some of its implications. Different ‘environments’ e.g. school, church, community, etc. might have different criteria as to what good vocational environment health looks like.
  • Make sure to ask if any of the action planning options – when you get to them – might help your church and why. Make a link to the resources for the various options, eliciting learning from those with experience, especially how obstacles might be addressed.
  • Does your group understand the process of prioritising and action planning?
  • Can you give permission to re-imagine ministry?
  • What are the obstacles and energisers to releasing ministry?