Calling: resources for action planning options

Arrange a course or group or event to help people discern their gifts and how God might be calling them to be used:

Forming up a group of wise people who might be part of a church group to prayerfully discern connections between people and specific ministries

This group might be made up of part of the ministry team, churchwardens past or present, those with human resource skills, discerning skills or just with a good knowledge of people. The group needs high confidentiality and the capacity to prayerfully consider people’s development of faith or skill set in relation to the roles and tasks needing to be done. This all needs to be considered within the direction or priorities current for that church community.

Finding a stewardship programme that focusses upon gifts, skills, time and talents

Contact Liz Mullins or Charlotte McCaulay 01227 459401.

Share what actions or resources you find make a difference to you:

Contact Peter Ingrams, Local Ministries and Growth Adviser, on or 01227 459401.