Affirming: resources for action planning options

Setting up review sessions for people in ministry

Those responsible for a particular group (e.g. members of a rota or team), or an individual’s ministry, to call them to meet. Clearly focus the meeting on review of task/role, or ‘How is it going?’ or future planning. If you have made a ministry agreement together use that as the basis for meeting.

Ask them things like:

    • What they like most about what they do and what frustrates them.
    • What action might help things go better?
    • How they feel their ministry/activity contributes to the wellbeing of the Christian community/local community/the kingdom of God.
    • Give as much positive feedback as you can, trying to glean wider feedback that you can give them from others in the congregation or community.
    • Try to agree what actions and support can be helpful in the future and how that might be done.

Ways to purposely thank and value people’s ministries

  • Some churches have an annual service around harvest or at the end of the school year or liturgical year giving thanks for ministry in all its forms.
  • When people are grateful or enthusiastic about something that has been important to them make sure the feedback gets to the people it is intended for.
  • Be aware that public thanks can be embarrassing in the extreme to some people and there can be more significant ways of offering thanks than from the front of church or meeting.
  • Regularly show support and concern how people’s ministry affects them and be aware of the real ‘costs’ of giving.

Use the materials from Vocations Sunday or Education Sunday for ideas

  • A way of showing support for people in ministry or particular roles within the community

Public ways for your church to express thanks to God for ministry

  • Include regularly in the intercessions an expression of thanks for the gifts, skills, financial giving, and for people’s ‘work’ including those in paid work, volunteer work and those whose work while incapacitated or in later life is simply to pray and ‘be’ with others.
  • Include in the prayer for the offering up of gifts of bread and wine at Holy Communion an acknowledgement that these gifts represent the stuff of peoples work and humanity

Share what actions or resources you find make a difference to you:

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