Give thanks this Education Sunday

Bishop Trevor Willmott has urged people to give thanks for all who work in schools this Education Sunday.Education Sunday will take place on 11 September and is a national day of prayer and celebration for everyone in the world of education. Free resources are available here and a special prayer has been written by the Rt Revd Trevor Willmott, Bishop of Dover, for the occasion.

“This Education Sunday we give thanks for every single person involved in education across the diocese,” said Bishop Trevor. “As an integral part of the service that we offer to our communities, the impact of those who work tirelessly in our schools, academies, nurseries and university cannot be underestimated. Their work is changing the lives of the young people and ensuring that so many realise and reach their God-given potential.

“I particularly ask that you hold in your prayers those less visible but crucial members of each education establishment, whose contributions often go unnoticed. School governors, for example, volunteer their time to ensure that our schools are nurturing environments of learning supported by the distinctive values offered by gospel teaching. The hard work and time that they offer freely, to support our schools and academies in developing an approach to education which builds character, wonder, and academic achievement cannot be underestimated.

“So please join me this Education Sunday in thanking them and everyone involved in education within our diocese for all they do and have done for young people.”

“Our 103 Church of England schools are such a life-giving presence,” added Director of Education Quentin Roper. “They bring hope and aspiration, investing deeply in community development including provision for the poor, isolated and vulnerable. At the heart of each school, through its Christian character, is a sense of encounter and transformation; a belief that an all-round education values creative expression, gives as many children and young people as possible the experience of a vibrant life and helps them to discover their unique gifts and abilities.

“Our commitment extends to offering networks, advice and support in religious education and social, moral, spiritual and cultural education to all schools across the diocese, so that children might understand a plurality of worldviews and experience, in community, what it means to ‘live well together.’”

Prayer for Education Sunday:

Thank you
for the gifts of knowledge, understanding and wisdom.
for governors and volunteers who ensure that young people get the best from their schools.
Reward their selfless enthusiasm with your loving guidance.
Bless all current and former staff in our schools. From caretakers and administrators to teachers and headteachers, thank you for their counsel, patience and care.
Thank you for our children,
Guide them in the knowledge of your loving presence.

A shorter version of the prayer is available for use on social media here.