Changing Lives- Serving together in our local communities For Churchwardens & Parish Administrators

Date(s) - Saturday, 12th October, 2019
9:00 am - 1:15 pm

John Wallis Academy


Register for this conference as an opportunity to gather for learning, prayer, and sharing some of the issues and challenges that unite us as we minister together with Christ.

We are delighted to have Bishop Tim Thornton as our Key Note Speaker.

You will be able to attend two of the workshops below during the course of the morning. Please select three workshops when booking and we will endeavour to allocate your top two.

We will round off the morning with a sandwich lunch and an opportunity to chat informally with workshop leaders and diocesan staff whilst browsing the market place.

Register below to book your place. If you have any queries or wish to register for more than one person please contact Sarah Lucas, 01227 459401 ext. 232.

Workshop Information

Workshop Choice 1 – Learning God-talk: How a simple conversation at PCC might change everything  (Hugh Nelson, Vicar of Goudhurst and Kilndown)

For the last 6 months churches and PCCs around the Diocese have been experimenting with a new conversation. Based on two simple questions, these conversations help us explore God, faith and mission in an open and honest way, and give us the opportunity to practice ‘God talk’ with each other. This workshop will explain how it works, and how it could help your PCC.

Workshop Choice 2 – Missional Learning Communities: Reshaping the church of the future – now! (Steve Coneys, Mission and Growth Advisor)

We’re excited about Missional Learning Communities (MLCs) because churches following a similar process have changed from decline into growth. MLCs follow a three year process that gives churches a framework to help them listen attentively to God and their community and decide what God might be calling them to be and do.  The combination of spiritual disciplines and practical tools make MLCs a powerful process. Come and explore what this can mean for you.

Workshop Choice 3 – Resourcing the frontline: Effective parish admin especially during a vacancy (Nigel Collins, Pastoral Secretary and Warden of Readers)

If we are to be effective in mission we need to be efficient in exercising the gift of administration.  The workshop will provide helpful tips on parish administration with an emphasis on what to do during a clergy vacancy.  As well as input there will be space to seek answers to questions you may wish to bring.

Workshop Choice 4 – Engaging with your local community  (Archdeacon Stephen Taylor)

Sharing some good practice across the diocese and looking at lessons to be learned from the Ignite Projects for us all.

Workshop Choice 5 – Changed Churches>Changing Lives?
(Archdeacon Darren Miller and Edmund Harris, Care of Churches Officer)

Our churches have served God and our communities for generations but haven’t changed much in that time. In a world that is fast changing, they may need to change so that we can best serve those around us. This workshop will explore the ranges of changes that can help your church building better change lives for the better – from simple tweaks to big schemes – and give pointers to how to achieve them.

Workshop Choice 6 – Encouraging generosity in your church-stewardship and giving (Liz Mullins, Stewardship and Funding Advisor)

This workshop will provide information and ideas for encouraging giving and generosity in your parish, from donating online and by card, to encouraging legacies, to the steps you can take to ensure healthy giving practices in your parish.

Workshop Choice 7 – Locally grown ministry- helping it grow! (Peter Ingrams, Local Ministries and Growth Advisor)

Every church has a different ‘culture’ of ministry. Why is it that some churches find people volunteering to do all sorts of things and others…not quite? We will work through some options of what church wardens or parish administrators might do to make their church environment more ministry-friendly.

Workshop Choice 8 – Understanding your Vicar (Neville Emslie, Director of Mission and Ministry)

How do you support your incumbent (and other clergy) when it is really hard to understand the pressures that influence them? This workshop will take a bigger picture view on the current complexities of the role and offer ways to facilitate better working together for mission and ministry.

Workshop Choice 9 -Telling your story better (Anna Drew, Director of Communications)

Each church has stories to tell: stories of heritage, of transformation and renewal, stories of challenge and change – ultimately, stories of the small and big ways in which God has been at work in us and our parishes. This workshop will help us to consider the value of our stories – and to help us find ways of telling those stories through social and traditional media.

Workshop Choice 10 – Reaching children and young people where they are- home, church and school  (Archdeacon Jo Kelly-Moore and Niki Paterson, Deputy Director of Communications)

We all want to serve children and young people more fully. But how do we do this most effectively in the real world- theirs and ours?

Workshop Choice 11 – Staying spiritually healthy- in the midst of it all (Amanda Boucherat, Experienced churchwarden, and current PCC vice chair from the Whitstable Benefice)

What happens on a Sunday morning when everywhere you look there is an undone task and your brothers and sisters in Christ think you need to know exactly what they think… while you are kneeling in prayer? Experience and discussion on developing strategies for keeping first things first.


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