Caption competition – September 2013


  1. Mark got the Hoover out so that he could not be accused of brushing the finances “under the carpet” – Ian Rich
  2. Mark frequently wrestled with the brazen serpent – Catriona Cuthbert
  3. Just keep smiling and hope those missing files are in the blue thing! – Sister Aileen
  4. and Ghandi only had the latrines to clean – Alfred Gracey

The rest…

  • Austerity is OK, but now my Zero Hours contract is becoming a bit too much – Ernie Feasey
  • “…and you shake it to the left!” – Ian Fox
  • “Hoovering this week, Strictly Come Dancing auditions next week ….” – Carolyn Lewis
  • “There was no question of money laundering in the modern Anglican church” – Catriona Cuthbert
  • “He never knew his own strength” – Catriona Cuthbert
  • You put your left foot in, your left foot out, do the hoovy hoovy and turn around. – Liz Whateley
  • “Mark and Henry often did the Hokey Kokey when they thought no-one else was around” – Catriona Cuthbert
  • “You put your left leg in, the nozzle out, in-out-in-out…….” – Carolyn Lewis
  • “This isn’t what I meant by ‘cleaning up the finances’..” – Carolyn Lewis