Caption competition – October 2012

Taken when Archbishop Rowan visited the Paralympics – what are they saying/doing?

  1. ‘Sorry officer you misheard me. I said I would like a low-visibility jacket please in preparation for my move to Cambridge.’ – Rev Simon Tillotson
  2. ‘Honestly, Archbishop, you have to wear this yellow jacket, otherwise you will not be recognised’ – Keri Mathias-Williams
  3. ‘Here’s your vestments Archbishop, they’ll help you blend in …’ – Carolyn Lewis

Best of the rest

  1. ‘Do you think I could join the police force?’ – Margaret Reynolds
  2. ‘Sorry officer, but that is really not my colour!’ – Peter Baxter
  3. ‘Sorry Guv’nor, only volunteers are allowed to wear purple.’ – Harry Macdonald
  4. ‘Yes, I certainly do understand the importance of visibility, but the liturgical colour is most definitely green…’ – Murray Wilkinson
  5. ‘Yellow is not really my colour, I prefer purple. But OK, I can help out for an hour or two.’ – David Usher
  6. ‘Large or extra large Archbishop?’ – David Buckett
  7. ‘I’m not as yellow as all that!’ – John Sweetman
  8. ‘They said you were preaching on ‘Shine as a Light”- Carolyn Lewis
  9. ‘We’ve found the man who stole your bike in Salisbury, Sir’ – John Scott
  10. ‘I heard you were looking for a new job’ – Rhonty Beeching
  11. ‘I’m afraid it’s not a coat of many colours’ – Rhonty Beeching
  12. ‘It always looked so easy when James Herriott did it!’ – Liz Whateley
  13. Is Rowan saying: ‘Hmm! White for Easter, green for Trinity, red for Pentecost. When can I wear yellow?’ – Tim Moseling
  14. ‘Look, you have to put this on if you go near the archery events, just in case’ – Carolyn Lewis
  15. ‘So high-viz yellow will be the new black next season…’ – Carolyn Lewis