Caption competition – November 2012

These are the caption entries submitted in answer to the question: ‘What on earth are Caroline, Archdeacon Stephen and Bishop Trevor doing/saying?’


  1. “Women are just not in touch with the direction of the church today!” – Christopher Jeffery
  2. Caroline to Archdeacon Stephen “I knew you had an electric car but I didn’t realise it was a milk float.” – Ann McDonald
  3. “Perhaps the concept of a follow up to ‘Gathered for Growth’ called ‘Scattered for Growth’ was fundamentally flawed…” – Rupert Bristow

Best of the rest

  • “The lady’s not for turning.” – Steven Sivyer
  • “Canon Caroline demonstrates that it’s not all a one way street at Diocesan House.” – Ernie Feasey
  • “Practicing for the Popemobile?” – Richard Fitz Fitzgerald
  • “No, we’re not going on holiday. It’s just that Caroline has discovered a delightful rural parish that needs a lot of pastoral care. It might take a while: the other Archdeacons can cope.” – Carolynne Brightman
  • “The Royal Family have used all the best transport …” – Marian Nicholson
  • “Pushed to the back. Who’s been a naughty girl, then?” – Molly Poulter
  • “Thank God the Earl of Grantham’s golf buggy had room for the servants on the back!” – John Scott
  • “Bishop Trevor demonstrates the first of a new fleet of Diocesan vehicles, in line with the financial cuts and is saying, “Come along Caroline, start pedalling”” – Norman Fowler
  • “Never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. You are going the wrong way if you ask me.” – J. Clarke
  • “You didn’t believe us did you, so now we’re off!” – Barrie Marshall
  • “Bishop Trevor’s answer to church’s financial crisis – a Carnival float!” – Jill Freeman
  • Bishop Trevor: “so the Pope gets a Popemobile, and all we can afford is this renovated milk float?” – Jill Freeman
  • Bishop Trevor: “do you really think Caroline will pass muster as Cathedral Beauty Queen in the carnival?” – Jill Freeman