Caption competition – May 2015

What is Bishop Trevor doing/saying?


  1. “Sooty’s appearance at The Gathering was not going well…” – Seth Cooper
  2. Phew! No-one saw me clean my ears with the big ear bud. – Alison Poole
  3. “You can’t say that to the synod Mr Punch!” – Bob White

The rest:

  • The rest of my flock must be somewhere!  – Christine Vickerman
  • “Now you see me now you don’t!” – Caroline Ramshaw
  • Bishop is saying peek-a-boo – Josephine Shaw
  • “Oh, I do apologise, but I haven’t got a hanky big enough.” – Reverend Denise Critchell
  • ‘The Bishop had forgotten his pocket hanky yet again,’ – James Russell
  • ‘The Bishop demonstrated his legendary microphone technique.’ – James Russell
  • ‘Having tried speaking in tongues, the Bishop went on to explore other orifices as a means of communication.’ – James Russell
  • The final proof reading. – Audrey Bullock
  • “Just checking they’ve spelt my name right before I unveil this plaque. You never know, eh?” – Rob Taylor
  • “The curtains match my outfit, so I’m just making a note of the maker in case I ever need a patch.” – Rob Taylor
  • “No, there’s nothing under here, just a bit of graffiti.” – Rob Taylor
  • “Wow, this is the smallest room I’ve ever been into!” – Rob Taylor
  • “I’m so shy when I get these photo shoots!” – Rob Taylor
  • “He’s put the wrong Autocue up…” – Ben Elliott
  • “If I hide behind this curtain maybe Archbisop’s Council won’t see me…..” – Philip Sibbald
  • “When is Punch & Judy coming on?!” – Petra Kerr
  • “The plans must be here somewhere.” – Jane Lovick
  • “Are you watching?… Suspend your disbelief….When I push the microphone into me ear, my tongue will pop out of the other end of the curtain. Deal or no deal?” – Andrew Ruck
  • “No, you have to wait until I wave my hand and say abracadabra” – Richard Woods

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