Caption competition – May 2013


  1. “The Archbishop liked the hat, but wasn’t sure the pattern the Bishop was sharing merited such big knitting needles!” – Phil Greig
  2. “If you are thinking of leading your flock here, it could be a bit marshy.” – Julia Ireland
  3. “I’m having the roast duck and a small glass of sherry; I recommend the rock hyrax in puff pastry.” – Andy Bawtree

The rest…

  • “Bishop Trevor tried, unsuccessfully, to explain the re-imagining of his episcopal ministry as a football supporter.” – Nicholas Cooper
  • “… and this is where we have the competition for throwing raw eggs to each other in the cathedral.” – Peter Cornish
  • “Er,…I think the main entrance is near the Oxfam shop.” – Zoe Phillips
  • “By hook or by crook we’ll work this out!” – Len Reed
  • “This brochure on how to get to heaven says you are the travel agent!” – Chris Porteous
  • “Scuse me guv, seen my sheep? Last time I saw them they were right here!” – Revd. Sally Womersley
  • “Here is that budget store where I got my Staff from!” – Terry McElligott
  • “Geed orf my land!” – Catriona Cuthbert
  • “And on page three there is an article on DIY horn bending.” – Charles Dawes
  • “I think Canterbury must be somewhere near here.” – David Horton
  • “No, I don’t think we have a ‘Sheep Dog Trial Session’ at The Gathering”. – Ann Collier
  • “The last time I saw the flock was in a snowdrift here, so don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing.” – Philip Clements
  • “Look, this is what a sheep looks like – and that’s a goat.” – Carolyn Lewis
  • “No I don’t want life sized garden gnomes on the palace lawn”. – John Hendy
  • Bilbo and Gollum rehearsing their lines. – Neville Emslie
  • “I’m sure you would find a suitable cope in here, it’s where I found mine!” – Paul Needham