Caption competition – March 2014


  1. Our new evangelistic tool for the Maidstone archdeaconry – “the Trinitarian biscuit” – all those coming to church on Trinity Sunday will be given one with a cup of tea after the service! – Simon Tillotson
  2. “In retrospect, Caroline recognised that holding the Diocesan Gathering in Pisa had some disadvantages.” – Peter Clough
  3. “Is that the latest look Hot Cross Bun vicar? It looks scrumptious.” – Terry McElligott

The rest…

  • “Man, like, wow, when you said Buttons biscuits, thought, like crazy, man, you meant chocolate buttons.” – Seth Cooper
  • “Quick, hide this last ginger nut for my afternoon tea, urgh hum, somebody’s eaten all the others!” – Terry McElligott