Caption competition – March 2013

What is going on in this photo taken at St Mary’s Dover? (Thanks Gill Neal for the photo!)


  1. “The principal boy should not have a drink before the show.” – Cedric Clancey
  2. “I thought they were referring to chess when they said the Queens’ Bishop was trapped.” – Jeff Green
  3. “At Canterbury Diocese’s Clothes Show, Bishop Trevor thought the pink mitre would go best with his cerise shirt!” – Elaine Richardson

The rest…

  • “Bishop Trevor sublimates the temptation to be hirsutely jealous” – Bishop Michael Turnbull
  • “This year Bishop Trevor dressed modestly at the House of Bishops’ AGM” – Neville Emslie
  • “Bishop Trevor was the main judge at the annual diocesan wig competition. The Bishop left with all four wigs, promising to wear them for the various confirmation services in the Diocese this year.” – Rev Simon Tillotson
  • “At least the Crown Nominations Commission members were better dressed than the Cardinals in Conclave!” – John Scott
  • “Some of the cardinals for the Papal elections tried to enter the Vatican incognito…” – Carolyn Lewis
  • “Who’s the Ugly Sister then?” – Brian Rose
  • “He should have worn his mitre.” – Mrs Ann Robertson
  • Bishop Trevor: “Thanks for the offer. I’ll take the pink one.” – Revd Clive Barlow
  • Bishop Trevor: “Ah ha, I’m not the only one to wear a silly head piece!” – J. Clarke
  • “Cinders got her Prince Charming, and the Ugly Sisters were given house for duty posts in your deanery.” – Peter Cornish
  • “The drinks are on me” as the Bishop said to the actresses. – Grahame Whittlesea
  • “Now I already have the dress. Just got to get one of those wigs.” – Jeff Green
  • “Watch out Bishop, the ‘star’s’ behind you. Oh, no she’s not.” – Terry Sutton
  • Bishop Trevor: “You know we’ll have to stop this once you’re ordained”. – Frank
  • Bishop Trevor: “These priesting ceremonies are quite fun, aren’t they?” – Frank
  • “Which colour do you think would suit me?” – Kelley Playfair
  • “Close your eyes and make a wish, you may be lucky and receive a kiss!” – Caroline Ramshaw
  • “Bishop Trevor wasn’t too impressed with the applicants for position of Archbishop….” – Laighton ‘Jojo’ Walters