Caption competition – June 2013

Taken at a fundraising concert held at Holy Trinity Folkestone.

Excommunicate! Excommunicate! – was the most obvious offering made by a dozen or so people

Tim Moseling offered a variation on that theme with: Exterminare! Exterminare!


  1. “…and now ladies and gentlemen our next item, one for the discerning Anglo-Catholic: ‘The Dalek Monstrance’ – please note the Host prominently displayed on the headpiece.” – Stewart Carolan-Evans
  2. Easter people fail to understand meaning of word “exterminate”. Alien visitor leaves, deep in thought. – Simon Foulkes
  3. “Exterminate!” the latest Juliet Hemingray clerical fashion creation for summer 2013 had unforeseen pastoral implications… – Julia Pickles

The rest…

  • The vicar had some reservations about the forthcoming Christening – Lindy Mackenzie MBE
  • Inclusive Church was taking on a whole new dimension at Holy Trinity – Julia Pickles
  • “I’m going home. The service is too High Church for me.” – Terry Sutton
  • They’ll marry anyone in the C of E nowadays. – Andy Bawtree
  • And now you are invited to give generously as we take up a collection… – Stephen Hardy
  • No one refused Rev Darlek’s invitation to Back to church sunday. – Kate Lovesey
  • Bring a Darlek to church Sunday had mixed reviews! – Shane Wood