Caption competition – July 2014

Photo by Minster Matters.


The winners

  1. ‘Look, I can do two things with this hand. Just wait and see what I can do with the other.’ – Michael Turnbull
  2. At Rev Richard Braddy’s licensing, the almost hypnotic power of Richard’s ministry quickly started to manifest itself as early as the reception afterwards, with Bishop Trevor being one of the first to fall under his spell.” – Rev Simon Tillotson
  3. Bishop = “I love these small services, anymore communion wine left, hic ? I’m not driving, I promise.” – Terry McElligott

The rest…

  • “What did you put in this punch?! It’s delightful, but is it legal?” – Revd Ron Partridge
  • Richard and Trevor had never seen Emily doing that before! – Peter Cornish

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