Caption competition – February 2015

What are these retrogrades up to?

The winners:

  1. Bagpuss and his friends.
    Saggy, and a bit loose at the seams.
    But Emily loved them. – John Walker
  2. The ‘Old Guard’ finally wrought their revenge on the Youth and Children’s worker for all the ‘action’ songs by serving up her head on a platter. – Martin Moss
  3. Hey Snow White, you’ve lost one! – Neville Emslie

The rest:

  • ‘Emily’s selfie goes horribly wrong…’ – Rupert Bristow
  • Booze cruise….?! – Rachel Webbley
  • “The John the Baptist Beheading Re-enactment Society decided to get inclusive.” –  Seth Cooper
  • “We’ve just found that we can buy the Communion wine duty free.” – Harry Macdonald