Caption competition – February 2014


  1. “Have you heard the latest Bishop, following on from his appearance on ‘Come Dine With Me’ Andy Bawtree has been short listed for ‘Strictly Come Dancing'” – Peter Love
  2. “Trevor, I told you not to borrow from Wonga” – David Wood, St Peter & Paul Lynsted
  3. Maybe the bishop is saying “Look, I know what it says in Leviticus. We’ll lend you the money but you’re not moving in with us!” – Chris Maclean

The rest…

  • “Forgive me Mother for I have sinned” – Neville Emslie
  • “Now Bishop – we know you have the choir robes, just sign the confession” – The Rev’d Seth Cooper
  • “Oh no, not another form!” – Ann Clarke
  • Amanda to Bishop Trevor:’ I’m afraid you didn’t get the part of the Fonze in our next Amdram production, Happy Days ‘ – David Haywood
  • “Look here Trevor, proof you should have been at the service in Murston, Sittingbourne, not Manston in Thanet!” – Terry McElligott
  • Bishop Trevor to Amanda, “Will our tops clash?” – Bob Crick
  • Amanda to Bishop Trevor, “Left a bit, right a bit!” – Bob Crick
  • “Now look here Bishop, I have had more than enough of filling in all these health & safety forms. It’s your turn now.” – Julia Collard
  • “I know Wayne Rooney could afford to have it done but we Bishops just don’t get paid that sort of money” – Revd Simon Tillotson