Caption competition – February 2012

This photo was taken after the confirmation at Canterbury All Saints

This photo was taken after the confirmation at Canterbury All Saints.

  1. The bishop’s missus had had enough of his ‘Just a small gathering’ stories and told him to get on with it while she went on retreat.-
    Carolyn Lewis
  2. “You are a messy church” –
    Dennis Garland
  3. “Better than foot washing!” –
    Philip Lewis
  • “Taking the lead in the controversial ‘Men in the kitchen’ campaign, which will be debated at the Deanery Synods over the next twelve months”. – +Michael Turnbull
  • “Now where’s that recipe for turning apple juice into wine?” – Rupert Bristow
  • “More tea vicar?” – Rita Pavely
  • “I’m afraid we’re clean out of doughnuts, but I can recommend the apple juice” – Paul Needham
  • “You just can’t get the staff, you know.” – Ronald Preece
  • “What’s he cooking up now?” – Don Ruddle
  • “Let me be your servant too.” Terry Sutton
  • Is it Bishop’s Finger or something else? – John Sweetman
  • The only one who can understand the council’s recycling policy (or maybe the only one they wouldn’t dare prosecute for getting it wrong!) – Dennis Garland
  • “What did I say to upset everyone?” – Dennis Garland
  • “I am among you as one who serves” – Dennis Garland
  • “Church of England provides a new service” – Dennis Garland
  • “The parish asked for a new dishwasher” – Dennis Garland
  • “He’s not in a hurry to go home” – Dennis Garland
  • “Someone threw in the towel” – Dennis Garland
  • “The handbook said to do the dishwashing at the end of the service” – Dennis Garland
  • “Be careful what you wish for!” – Dennis Garland
  • “Moonlighting Bishop” – Sarah Lucas