Caption competition – April 2013

What is going on in this photo? (Photo taken by Robert Berry)


  1. “We were thinking of sinking the new oil well here.” – Terry Sutton
  2. He was already starting to regret suggesting that the ceremony have a little glee in it – Catriona Cuthbert
  3. What is it that I’ve got to wash on Maundy Thursday? – Steven Sivyer

The rest…

  • “MIND THE STEP!” Enthronement Risk Assessment para1(a). – Charles Dawes
  • “Don’t look at me. I haven’t got a dog!” – The Rev’d Seth Cooper
  • “No it’s ‘put your right hand in’ first!” – leygall
  • “Well whose turn is it then?” – Gordon Bradley
  • “Eek, there’s a mouse under that chair!” – Liz Sharp
  • “Look, I knew there was a mouse in the cathedral!” – Gary Colvin
  • “You dropped it. You pick it up” – Jackie Dyson
  • “Now stand on the naughty step.” – Sarah Lucas
  • “I told you not to drop your aitches!” – Tony Luckham
  • It didn’t take them long to put the Archbishop in his place. – Catriona Cuthbert
  • During their hectic preparations, senior staff still found time for an impromptu game of Spot the Ball. – Ian Rich
  • “And Jools Holland introduces the show from here…” – Rupert Bristow
  • “And make sure you finally tread down Satan under your feet” – Nick Hudd
  • “If I say it’s the naughty step, then it IS the naughty step and you will sit on it!” – Christine Jones
  • “Black shoes? Who do you think you are, the Pope?” – John Scott
  • “You’ll need to get a better shine on those shoes if you want to come in here!” – Ron Preece
  • “Besides the poisoned chalice there’s also a trap door” – Gavin Kennett
  • Who’s wearing the trousers, then? – ‘I’m wearing the trousers so I’m right!’ – Len Budd
  • A tough start to his post, thought the new Archbishop, having to act as a judge when the sequence pointing entrants were all of such a high standard! – Catriona Cuthbert
  • “You may think you are the boss, but here you do as you are told!” – Tricia Martin
  • “No you sit there on the naughty step if you misbehave.” – Kathleen Hooker
  • “That is just where Harry Potter stood!” – Andy Bawtree
  • “No, he’s buried there.” – Bill Miller
  • “If you keep shouting I’m going home”, said the Archbishop, wringing his hands. – Tricia Fogden
  • “Come on Archbish…it goes you put your left arm in…!” – Vicky Wilsher
  • “Lookout DOG****!!!” – Alan Mildenberger
  • “You missed that speck of dust right there!” – Davina Andrews
  • “Spot the Christian Contest”, only one cross per entry. – Bob Bishop
  • “I wish you would hurry up its freezing in here.” – Elaine Harwood
  • “Where??? No there….Where??? No there…..” – Caroline Ramshaw
  • The Archbishop knew he was short, but didn’t really want the other clergy reminding him of it. – Ben Elliot
  • “Eeeeek a mouse!!!!” – Laighton Walters