Pastoral Assistant Course

Pastoral Assistants Course

The 2019 Pastoral Assistant course commenced on the 4 June 2019 and will run until late November this year. Over the course of the 12 sessions the nine students will participate in active learning around a number of topics, skills and issues in Pastoral Care – learning from and with each other.  This course is facilitated by Di Dawson and Lesley Hardy who have generously donated  their time and talents to encouraging this ministry.

Students and Training Ministers can access resources on-line by clicking here.

Future Courses

We are currently looking to offer another Pastoral Assistants course in 2021 although an earlier course may be offered subject to sufficient demand.  If you would like to register an interest in training as a  Pastoral Assistant please email Sarah Lucas

Aims of the Course

To enable those engaged in pastoral care to become more effective in relating to and caring for the people and communities on behalf of their local church community; and to enable those testing a calling to explore their understanding of pastoral care ministry.

Who is it for?

  • Those who are members of a pastoral care team and who desire to learn more about pastoral care in order to help others both informally and formally
  • Those in church leadership or who have specific church roles and who desire to develop their awareness of pastoral care in order to support those for whom they have responsibility
  • Those who wish to help others in specific community and workplace settings and desire to learn more about pastoral care in outreach and mission
  • Those who desire to explore and pursue a call to pastoral care and be recognised as an ALM in their local church or chaplaincy.