Our team

‘Releasing all the ministry you can get your hands on’

DnA is a cross-framework team of diocesan staff, clergy and lay people.


Peter Ingrams

Working within the Local Church Development Framework, Peter is the Local Ministries and Growth Advisor Read more »

Neville Emslie

Neville is the Ministry Development Officer for the Diocese and works within the Licensed Ministries Framework. Read more »

Steve Coneys

Steve has been Team Vicar of Seasalter since 1994 and Team Rector of the Whitstable Team Ministry since 2002. Read more »

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Associate members

Annie Biggs, Vicky Coneys, , Tessa Metcalfe, Judith Rigby, Emma Sivyer, Eunice Thorpe, Kerry Thorpe, Richard Barnard, Marianne Hambrook, Denise Yeldham, Steve Coneys, Neville Emslie, Ronni Lamont, Murray Wilkinson, Peter Ingrams and Holly Adams.

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Extended team

All of the DnA team, plus Joss Walker, Caroline Pinchbeck, Nigel Collins, Sarah Chapman and Liz Mullins.