Diocesan Day of Prayer 2017

Prayer connects us to God: the air we all breathe, our magnetic north, our daily bread. Through prayer we are rooted in God and discern a direction of travel.  As a diocesan family, we are a praying people, together in community, rooted in a shared life of prayer.

At the Open Diocesan Synod on March 11th Bishop Trevor issued a call to prayer to the diocese. A call to renew our life together in prayer and join together in a Diocesan Day of Prayer on 18 November 2017. From Margate to Maidstone, from Sheppey to Sandwich, from Dungeness to Deal: we will be called to share in prayer to renew us for God’s service.


The day is for anyone of any age who wants to come and pray together in our diocesan community for a renewed world. There will be opportunities for everybody to get involved in all kinds of ways, whoever and wherever you are.


Wherever we can, either centrally at St Mary of Charity in Faversham or locally (in groups or individually) with resources provided. There will be resources provided to join in with what’s happening in Faversham even if you can’t be there. If you’re praying on your own elsewhere or with your family then you’re a ‘Prayer Partner’ and you can register as a Prayer Partner using the links below. If you’re setting up an event locally you can register your event using the links below and this will enable us to offer you support and resources.


We will pray as we can, together, open to God’s Spirit, wherever we are, especially between 11.30am and 12.30pm which will be an hour of focused prayer. There will be many different ways of praying to participate in, suitable for all ages and all people. There will also be opportunity and resources  to join in with fasting and/or pilgrimage if you want to. The day will finish with the launch of Canterbury 597, a diocesan Missional Prayer Network… watch this space!

  • To book onto the central event at St Mary of Charity in Faversham please click here.
  • To register a ‘Local Prayer Event’ you are planning elsewhere on the day, please click here.
  • To book onto a ‘Local Prayer Event’ use the map below to find out where they are happening and how to book.
  • To register as a ‘Prayer Partner’ (an individual or family who will be praying from home or elsewhere at some point on the day), please click here.

Take a look at the Local Prayer Events that have been registered and areas where Prayer Partners have committed to pray using the map below: