Encouraged to ‘Grow Ministry Together’

Christians have been challenged to rethink their definitions of ‘ministry’ at Diocesan Synod on Saturday 12 March.
Churches in East Kent encouraged to ‘Grow Ministry Together’

  • Volunteers give 10,000 hours a week to support churches in Canterbury Diocese
  • Resources here

Christians across the Diocese of Canterbury have been challenged to rethink their definitions of ‘ministry’ at Diocesan Synod on Saturday 12 March. They also heard about the huge contribution made to churches in the diocese by volunteers, totalling approximately 10,000 hours every week.

At the Synod, which took place at The John Wallis Academy in Ashford, attendees were encouraged to recognise that God calls everyone to some form of ministry – not just those who are ordained. They discussed together how churches might develop a vision for their communities and inspire more people to find their niche and offer themselves for ministry.

“It’s not just about vicars,” said Julian Hubbard, national Director of Ministry for the Church of England, addressing the gathering. “The body of Christ is a ministerial body. We want a ministry that is mission focused, that’s going to cope with change and we want above all collaborative ministry – people prepared to work with one another eye to eye, heart to heart.”

“Without God’s love, I’m not certain anything can happen, but with God’s love, we can be who he wants us to be,” added the Rt Revd Trevor Willmott, Bishop of Dover.

The event saw the launch of the ‘Growing Ministry Together’ conversation kit, a new resource for churches. The kit is designed for use by PCCs, ministry teams and small groups that:

  • want to develop their own potential as disciples of Jesus Christ
  • want to work together to develop people for service
  • are seeking to be create a healthy environment to help people grow the gifts God has given them
  • wonder why it’s so hard to get people to volunteer

The resource is free and available for download here.