Nurturing faith at home

You have built a stronghold by the songs of babies.
Strength rises up with the chorus of singing children.
This kind of praise has the power to shut Satan’s mouth.
Childlike worship will silence
the madness of those who oppose you.

(Psalm 8:2 - The Passion translation)


Providing opportunities for children and young people to grow in their faith is God’s desire. Jesus welcomed children to him and instructed those around him to have childlike faith (Matthew 18:2-3). As fellow pilgrims on our journey of faith, children and families can learn and grow together as they share in their faith.

This Psalm shows us that the voices of babies, children and young people can shout and sing praise so strong it can silence the enemy. It also reminds us that children already hear from God, so it is our job as parents, carers and church communities to nurture this inner personal relationship.

God speaks to children. He is faithful enough to keep talking even when they don’t think they hear him.

How can we point out where God is already working in their daily lives, as they learn to listen and recognise his voice?

The message translation of Psalm  8, speaks of God being a household name. Is God a household name in your family? How might that be encouraged further? 

Research carried out by Youth For Christ in 2016 concluded that the biggest influence on their faith or religion is their family and homelife.


Making God a household name, developing spiritual practices is key to enabling children to grow a personal relationship with God. Perhaps try some of the spiritual practices houtlined below to help your family develop a daily spiritual rhytymn, so that when you are asked ‘What are you hearing from God?’ ‘What have you noticed God doing or saying?’ your family will be able to truly engage with these questions, because it is part of your daily walk and spiritual practice:

I wonder how you will be able to make some of these practices a habit and part of your daily life?

I wonder what the impact will be on you and your family?

Parenting for Faith

The Parenting For Faith website is well worth exploring, as there are many resources, practical ideas and videos to support families in growing faith at home. One of the resources is the Parenting For Faith course, which looks at the building blocks for helping your child grow a personal relationship with God. 


Rebecca Swansbury
Schools Officer

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